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In today’s internet age, it’s hard to find reliable, quality sources, regardless of whether we are looking for writing inspiration and topics or simply love learning by reading. The amount of data we could examine is becoming so overwhelming that it is becoming a pollution, but it is still not enough to find what we need.


In this blog, we have listed the top resources for business case studies that will surely help you to leverage your business plan and how you are going to achieve success through them as you engage and showcase your business to your potential clients.


From Boston University Libraries’ recent post, a number of top and leading universities and organizations around the world shared open access for their business case studies which will surely help you leverage the field of business.


Below are the resources that you need:


The Acadia Institute of Case Studies is a non-profit centre in the School of Business Administration, Acadia University. The Institute’s focus is on entrepreneurship and small business operations.

From 1987-1994, Arthur Andersen funded a $5 million joint project with 525 universities to raise awareness of business ethics. This collection of 90 case studies is one product of that effort. All participating universities (includes BU) have license to use these materials and reproduce them as needed for instructional purposes.

Case Centre offers a wide range of free cases produced by many prominent schools and organizations across the globe. You must be registered and logged into the website to access free cases. Once logged in, you can use “show only items in the free case collection” tick box in the product search to search all free cases.

High-quality case studies in modern data analysis ready to use for instruction, training or self-study. (Societe Francaise de Statistique, Toulouse School of Economics, France)

Online library of simple, straightforward business cases focused on principle-based ethics.

Enduring Legacies Native Cases Initiative develop and widely disseminate culturally relevant curriculum and teaching resources in the form of case studies on key issues in Indian Country.

More than 50 case studies match ethics concepts to real world situations. From journalism to performing arts to foreign policy to scientific research to social work, these cases explore a range of current and historic ethical dilemmas, their motivating biases, and their consequences. Each case includes discussion questions, related videos, and a bibliography for further reading.

Peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes publishing quality Case Studies in all business fields that significantly contribute to practice and support continuous learning efforts in organizations.

Currently provides access to 15 free case studies. Registration is required to access the cases.

Access hundreds of digitized books that include business case studies on a wide variety of topics.

Ivey is well known for its case method of learning and is a top publisher of business cases worldwide. Approximately 20 free cases are available.

Goal is to share cases and exercises developed for classroom use in any area of business education. Subjects include Accounting, Business Administration, Business Law, E-Commerce, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Ethics, Decision Sciences, Finance, Information Systems, International Business, Management, Marketing, Real Estate, Teaching and Business Education, etc.

Publishes papers that significantly contribute to the understanding of teaching business courses using case studies.

Case studies and scenarios on a variety of fields in applied ethics (including business and leadership).

Collection of teaching case studies developed by MIT Sloan faculty and students. May be downloaded, copied, distributed free of charge by anyone through creative commons license. Topics include entrepreneurship, leadership and ethics, operations management, strategy, sustainability, and system dynamics.

Includes 27 free cases covering technopreneurship topics.

Currently consists of over 80 peer-reviewed cases on sustainability in management and entrepreneurship.

Case studies from The School of Business at PSU about Social Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship.

From Rutgers’ Curriculum Library for Employee Ownership Collection. Includes Free Case Studies of employee owned companies.

Case studies are available for HR faculty and instructors to use in HR classrooms at universities, as expressed in the Terms of Use for Faculty. Teaching notes are often included with each.

Includes research papers written by Questrom faculty. A small number of cases are included.

“Promotes innovative approaches to curricular development, course content and delivery systems, student learning, and other educational issues that are important to management faculty to meet the growing demand for discussions, research and analysis on teaching management.”

Click on “Narrow your results” and then under Availability select “Available to download at no charge.”

17 open access cases are currently included.

Cases developed by Ted Rogers Leadership Centre for classroom use.

Many of the UBC case studies focus on topics in sustainability, but cases on other topics such as business and economics are also included.

WBCSD is a global, CEO-led organization of over 200 leading businesses working together to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world.

Don’t know how to write or create one?

We have also listed the resources that you will need to learn everything about creating your business’ case studies. 


Business Cases That Get Results by Carrie Marshall 

A persuasive, well-written business case can win over the decision makers in your organisation and get you the all important approval you need for your business idea.In this book you’ll discover the do’s and don’ts of pitching your ideas through a business case. You’ll learn what the essential components of a business case are, including what key questions you should be answering, how to structure your business case, factors to consider when thinking about benefits and risks, and how best to tackle ROI.

Location: Online
Publication Date: 2019


The case method at the Harvard Business School : papers by present and past members of the faculty and staff by McNair, Malcolm P (editor) 

An introduction to the use of cases — Because wisdom can’t be told — Tough-mindedness and the case method — The genesise of the case method in business instruction — Some selected cases, with notes on their use: I: A case in marketing — Florida Foods Inc. — II: A case in production — Hampton Manufacturing Company — III: A case in control — Conmay Company — IV: A broad economics case — Dempsey Shoe Company — The case method as seen by graduates — I: What is a case method? — II: Development of a student under the case method — III: The values and limitations of the case method — IV: Basic characteristics of the case method — The role of the instructor in the case method — Use of case material in the classroom — Observer’s report on the role of the instructor in case discussions — Preparation to teach a case — Written analyses of cases — Development of an outline for a course taught by the case method — The industry approach to the teaching of business administration by the case method — The case method and its administrative environment — The use of cases for research — The possibilities of the case method in supervisory and executive development in industry — The case method in college teaching of social science — Writing business cases — The work of the case writer — The financing of the case collection — List of some of the printed and mimeographed collections of Harvard Business School cases.

Location: Mugar Library Off-site HF1111 F54
Publication Date: 1954


Case Study Research for Business by Jillian Dawes Farquhar 

Using a step-by-step approach, Case Study Research for Business takes students right through the case study research process from research design and data collection using qualitative and quantitative methods, to research analysis, writing up and presenting work. Key features:Takes a multidisciplinary approach to case study research design by drawing on both positivist and interpretivist schools of thought to improve student understanding of these critical research traditions. Coverage of contemporary topics such as research ethicsPacked with practical examples from all areas of business. Pedagogical features including vignettes, exercises and ‘cases’ which directly relate to business researchAdditional online material including worked examples, further case studies, structure templates and online readings

Location: Online
Publication Date: 2012


Case Study Research in Practice by Helen Simons 

“With its highly readable style, this book is well suited to the needs of research students. Throughout it addresses the practicalities at a level that connects immediately to thorny issues in relation to the quality of the data, the quality of the analysis: in short the quality of the research.” – Jane Payler, University of Winchester Case Study Research in Practice explores the author’s practical and uniquely personal approach to the theory and practice of case study research. Author Helen Simons draws on her extensive experience in conducting and teaching case study research to provide a comprehensive and insightful account of the process of conducting case study that tackles common misconceptions and addresses the questions often raised by students. In four sections, the book covers: The rationale, concept and design of case study researchMethods and ethics in case studyInterpreting, analyzing and reporting the case. Generalizing and theorizing in case study researchIncluding examples and summary memos the author has created a dynamic text that presents readers with choices and challenges to inform the conduct of their case research.This is an ideal text for students studying and conducting case study research in education, health and social care, and related social science disciplines.

Location: Online
Publication Date: 2009


The Case Writer’s Toolkit by June Gwee 

This book deconstructs the case study, describes the case writing process and explains how a good case study is composed. It is a reference book that accompanies case writers on their case writing journey. It serves as a guide for writers to develop case studies for teaching,   research, and knowledge-capture. There are illustrations and charts to help writers visualise concepts, signpost ideas, break down complex information and apply techniques in a practical manner.

Location: Online
Publication Date: 2018


Case Writing for Executive Education by Gordon Adler; Wolfgang Amann 

Time and again, the authors have observed how a great program faculty creates unique learning experiences to everybody’s satisfaction. They have experienced the pleasure that all involved feel when great learning has taken place, when the program participants leave the sessions with an enhanced skill set and cocreated answers to pending and future challenges. They are also aware that creating such moments of truth, involving the value proposition of business schools, corporate universities or other training institutions, has not been mastered everywhere. They have written this book to contribute to the ongoing professionalization of business education and aim to share some of the key lessons learned when creating unique learning experiences entailing learning that sticks.A great means to this end is using cases in executive education. While the variety of what can still be called a case is extremely wide, the authors by no means preach that cases are the only way forward. Like every tool, cases must be applied wisely and with a minimum amount of skill. There is also a bigger toolset vailable and there are also additional contextual factors to consider. They include teaching and learning traditions in different local settings. They comprise individual’s learning preferences. As the authors outline in this book, the casebased method nonetheless offers tremendous potential. The art and science of case writing are still known to too few of those involved in delivering executive education seminars.

Location: Online
Publication Date: 2011


Tips and Tools: a Guide to Effective Case Writing by Havovi Joshi 

This book is an essential guide for anyone intending to write effective case studies for educational purposes. The practical tips provided in this book would apply to case writers at all levels — benefiting not only the novice, but also more experienced case writers who are looking to improve the quality of their case writing.The book covers all of the fundamental components of a case study, and provides tips on how to manage the common challenges encountered at each stage of writing. It also guides the reader on what makes a good case study, and best practices to ensure quality control. The book would not be complete without some tried and tested advice for writing a strong teaching note to accompany the case. Beyond the writing itself, it also provides an overview of possible avenues for case publication.

Location: Online
Publication Date: 2018


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